Departments of Anatomy

A very spacious & well equipped laboratory with departmental library has been established with an aim to make students perfect in understanding the subject of Anatomy. Various specimens of different organs & models are present in the department besides charts, bones and skeletons that the faculty members avail to impart qualitative theoretical & practical teaching.

Departments of Physiology

A well developed, spacious laboratory having departmental library with capacity to conduct regular practicals, tutorials & demonstrations has been setup. The laboratory is warranted and equipped with state-of- the-art equipments. Electronic Audio Visual aids are used by the faculty members to teach the functions, process & interrelationship of the different ‘systems of the body and to equip the student with clinical reference in diagnosing as well as treating.

Departments of Materia Medica

It has a rich departmental library; beautiful hard bound photographs of the various medicinal substances of vegetable, mineral & animal kingdom remedies. It also has preserved specimens of various plants in glass jars and specimens of almost 100 drugs in crude form, displayed in attractive containers that make the department look lively. This helps the student to view and recognize the different medicinal substances thoroughly. The department has been very active in conducting various seminars and presentations either on OHP or on the LCD projector thus helping the students in learning and developing command over the subject.

Departments of Homoeopathic Pharmacy

It aims at teaching students the rational application of Homoeopathy through medicinal preparations as per the standard procedures. The department has a state-of-the-art laboratory having departmental library with sophisticated instruments and chemicals needed to perform experiments. Various charts depicting information about drugs sources are used as teaching aids. The college maintains its own medicinal garden with different plant species of medicinal value. Macroscopic study of plant specimens is carried out for facilitating learning. Besides dried specimens are also used for preparing herbarium sheets imparting knowledge about identification of drugs.

Departments of Surgery

The department is well equipped with a departmental library & different informative charts for imparting education as per the curriculum of UG. Theory classes are, regularly held in college and clinical classes are conducted at O.P.D.’s, where students witness demonstration of cases under the guidance of their teachers.

Departments of Obstetrics & Gynecology

The department is fully equipped with descriptive charts having departmental library to help students gain information about various topics concerning the subject. Students are taught about both normal and abnormal pregnancies through models; Clinical classes for students are. Held under the supervision of experienced teachers in O. P.O. ‘s. Practical training includes antenatal and postnatal care along with the care of the newborn besides treatment of gynecological disorders. The departmental teachers also demonstrate different instruments used during operative procedures in details.

Departments of Organon

It has wonderful charts and a qualitative departmental library. The teachers are very much focused on developing student interest in the subject and making them aware of basis of science of Homoeopathy by providing insights into the fundamental principles. Life histories of different stalwarts of Homoeopathy are taught whose contributions have made Homoeopathy touch new heights in medical science.

Departments of Repertory

Learning opens new vistas of knowledge in the life of student. The emphasis is on proper case-taking that serves as a bridge between doctor & patient. Use of different repertories & repertorising a case trains the budding doctors to arrive at a similimum or the constitutional homoeopathic remedy for the patient. The department is furnished with 10 computers having, the homoeopathic software to teach the students.

Departments of Community Medicine

Prevention is better than cure is the main theme behind the teaching of the departmental teachers. The subject is made more practical & creative through educational tours, camps & school health checkups. Free medical camps are arranged in different villages to provide health education & medical aid to patients. The department was different charts, modals, vaccination schedule of departmental library for the prevention of communicable disease & promotion of health.

Departments of Pathology

It is also sufficiently equipped to conduct practical classes as well as for clinical diagnostic aids for OPD & IPD patients. Various charts & preserved specimens are kept in the laboratory that facilitates students to gain practical knowledge. Teaching through microscopic study of different pathological specimen is carried out under supervision of experienced faculty. The department also has departmental library.

Departments of Medicine

The department is well equipped with reference books and informational charts to impart proper education, with departmental library.

Departments of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The department has demonstrative materials like Weapons that are beautifully displayed over a wooden frame; Organic and Inorganic poisons specimens; Poisonous plants preserved in attractive containers for demonstration, Charts, diagrams, models etc. of medico legal interest are also displayed. The department takes special efforts to help the students concentrate on the finer aspects in accordance with the post mortem appearance, forwarding materials to chemical examiner, interpretation of laboratory findings, etc. The teachers take extra efforts in training students about legal procedures in courts & their jurisdiction, medical ethics etc.

Departments of Biochemistry

A separate, well developed spacious laboratory to conduct regular practical, tutorials and demonstration has been setup. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipments.